About Wikis

History of the Wiki (Wikipedia as source)

This just learned

if you forget to save/store and then try to pull up your work on another computer- it is gone. (hehe sigh) It doesn't happen on blogs.

Editing, Refactoring & Summarising

Is always in motion on an active wiki page. The term refactoring; for always for seeing things in a different way, of making sense of lots of varied ideas and writing styles.

Politeness and Social Norms

A note from wiki.2c.com "Please read widely on this Wiki before adding new wiki pages or editing an old one. This helps to reduce unnecessary clutter."

Wiki politeness and rules are laid out very nicely. Heavy is the request to learn and not be a bighead while on the wiki. There needs to be more training in the word about respectfully disagreeing.

http://meatballwiki.org/wiki/MeatballMission read it if you haven't, please.

TheCollective reminds one of the Borg, but in this case, resistance is not futile, it is encouraged, as long as it is written respectfully.

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