My project in Music Reviews by Gracie. I started this project to help out our campus radio station DJ’s. I had been observing these student while the did their shows. Often I would hear “ummmm,” long silences and other useless information that no one really cared to hear about. So, what I decided to do was make a blog focusing on artists. I filled it with content about the bands including songs, albums and the progression the bands have made through out their musical career. There were many things that I realized I needed to work on. At the same time there were many areas that I felt I succeeded in.

Over the ten weeks that I worked on this project I realized, first off, the difficulty and dedication it took to make this blog work. My research took the longest which resulted in me not having a larger selection of bands on the blog. Although I did hit the spread of genres FM90 plays, I didn’t get enough bands. That was my biggest fault. This simply came from my poor time management and not realizing the amount of work that was going to have to be put into this project in order to make it successful.

Struggles and Successes

This project did work for the DJ’s that took advantage of it. The said that it really helped them to have something to say on the air. Which was my primary goal, was to use this as a show prep site. They did comment that they would be more active in the site as well. This made me think that maybe my project would have worked out better as wiki. If I had designed it as a wiki, then the DJ’s and other FM 90 staff could have posted their own information as well along with correct anything that I may have messed up on. Another reason I thought that this would have worked better as a wiki is because then it would have gad more of the presentation more of an informative site, rather than just me posting my thoughts. Overall, I think it would have been a more appropriate layout.

One thing I did think I was successful on was the use of music videos. Many people commented on enjoying listening to the artists as well as read about them. My main idea with the videos was to more familiarize the reader with the bands music. Or if they hadn’t ever heard of the band then they could get a better feel for the music. With some of the artists I tried to provide a couple videos of how the sounded when they first started then stretching to now. The reason I did this was so people could see the progression of the band and compare what the like now opposed to the earlier songs. Overall, I think my video were a success and that is something I really fell good about.

Another aspect of this project that I really felt had a positive result was my variety of artists. I had music that ranged from skillet, a Christian rock band, to Taylor Swift, a country singer, to Linkin Park, a hard rock band. Showing that FM90 really does have a wide range of music really makes talk about artists beneficial to listeners as DJ’s discuss them on the air. Having people know the background of the artists helps the listener understand more about the music they are listening to.

Comments and Reacitions

I received various comments and critiques, but not all of them were posted on the blog. Many of them were face to face encounters. Like I mentioned earlier, the DJ’s enjoyed having a site that they could reference when the were blank on what to talk about on the air. They also gave me a list of bands that they would like to see on the blog. They commented on the style and thoroughly enjoyed the videos, because they could experience the music that they read about.

I received a few miscellaneous comments that were posted on the site. One that I received was from a band that hasn’t made it big yet, but they sent me a link to their site. They ended up not being terrible which I was quite impressed by. I also got a random comment that wasn’t from a DJ, but they corrected some information I had and that was very helpful.

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