From the beginning

Wiki/Blog Decision

I chose to create a blog because I was more familiar with them than a wiki. I had dealt with Facebook and Myspace and thought that it was an easier approach. I also chose to do a blog because I wanted to be more in control of the site.

My Intentions

My intentions were to create a blog that was interesting and easy to navigate about. I knew from the begining that I wanted to write about food, but I needed to narrow it. Somehow over some research, I found tons of information on coffee. Ands that how it all began.

The Proposal

The Executive Description was "I will be creating a blog on the topic of coffee, discussing coffee drink recipes, coffee house reviews and articles on coffee. I chose this topic because I love coffee and I feel like I can find enough information to keep up a successful blog through research and personal experience." My proposal was very specific and I thought that there was enough information available to keep it going throughout the semester.

The Blog in Action

The Good...

The thing that I feared the most was not finding enough articles on coffee subjects (or for finding uninteresting ones). I was amazed, though, with the tons of interesting articles and information I found on coffee subjects. A link that I frequently used for interesting blogs was Coffee Facts. I used About.Com alot too to find the drink of the week or for my great recipes section.
I also thought that the organization of my blog was something that was really positive. I found the blog easy to navigate about and the blogroll had a plentiful of great coffee sites.

The Not So GoodÂ…

The worst thing that I think my blog was subject to was a lack of readers/viewers. The average amount of people accessing the site per day was about 4. I tried to address this problem by tagging more but it didnt really help. Other than that, I had no problems with my blog and it was filled with well thought out articles.

Critique from class

The main issue from the Studio Tours was that I needed to include more of my voice and opinions. I did have to agree, but I did want to keep the articles factual still. I did go back and edit quite a few entries, especially "Gasoline vs. Coffee Who Will Win the Battle?".This article was basically just edited from an online article that I found, but I added some pictures and my opinion to make it more interesting.


My Findings

This blog became more meaningful as I went along because the articles and my opinions were important to me. The time I spent on my blog really made me learn more elements of my computer and of the internet. I can successfully add photos and videos along with text alot easier than I could before.

Where the Blog Ended Up

The blog pretty much stayed very similiar to what I proposed at the begining of the class. However, the only difference was of the pictures. I was planning on taking pictures of the coffee places that I rated but instead I took pictures of the drink.
The main aspects of the blog especially the organization of the categories stayed completly the same and I found it to be really useful.

If I did it againÂ…

If I created this blog again, I think that I would keep it very similiar. I thought it worked really well. I would maybe tag more so that I could get more readers. Also, maybe I would have taken pictures out side of each coffee place that I critqued.
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