Finally, a Final Write Up

Well here we are. We made it through EN3177. My final project went, in some ways better than expected, but in a few other ways it was the most frustrating ordeal I have ever encountered on the web.

Let's start with the Project Proposal. My original plan of having my posts not needed to be read in order didn't exactly work out the way I wanted it to. I was originally planning on having an even more photo intensive blog than I wound up with (which was still really photo intensive) and if that was the case I would have wanted a more random blog. However due to the large amounts of text needed to keep up with the standards of a good tutorial blog, this didn't work out and I had to switch to a chronological, text based blog.

I covered most of the stuff I wanted to. My blog could definitely get a new player on their feet, but I didn't get into the intense and advanced parts of the game. I know that I did cover the basis of Minecraft when I read my studio tour by Dennis:

"I’ll be honest right now; I went home and asked my 11-year old brother Mackensie to help me with this. He is playing the game all the time, so he showed me what certain elements of Matt Lavrenz’ blog were about. Since I haven’t played the game in over a year, maybe more maybe less, but a very long time, I only remember certain aspects of the game. Various pop culture images and talks among fans of the game where I work, I’ve deduced that what I was doing was not at all the potential of what the game does offer. "

After reading the entire studio tour and the other studio tours, I knew that my blog was helping those who read it.


I feel like I spent too much time on the basics. I wanted to get into the really difficult parts of the game like circuitry and setting up a multiplayer server (the hardest part of the game) but I didn't have the time to get to those parts. If I had a few more weeks I could have gotten it done, but the game is just too vast.

I also wanted to cover more building tutorials but I didn't have time. Plus part of the purpose of the game is to be creative and come up with your own ideas so maybe it's ok I never got that far.

I didn't get as much feedback as I would of hoped for. It wasn't until the last days of the project that I got several messages, followers and even a comment!

If you had trouble reading the comments on the last link, you probably noticed how HARD THE TEXT WAS TO READ. I STRUGGLED WITH THIS ISSUE MORE THAN EVERY OTHER ISSUE IN MY LIFE COMBINED. The problem with Minecraft is that it is such a unique game that, naturally, tons of people are going to make rip-off versions so Minecrafters are VERY particular that a site is "name-brand." This is why I had to keep the background I used of the grass block. The grass block is the logo of Minecraft and their one of their signature icons. The other problem I had with this was finding a theme for my blog that would give me as decent color scheme, access to widgets, and would also be compatible with the grass block background. Long story short, I couldn't find one. THe problem was Wordpress charges money for almost every theme that would have worked well for me, and I really don't have the funds to dish out $50 a year for somebody's theme.


Now that that heaping mound of things that didn't go well is past, time for the things that did go well.
Luckily there were many Minecraft related resources around that were excellent help, but they weren't organized. My blog was a place to do that, especially in my brewing post.

I'm happy I got to cover some of the aspects of coding since that is one of the harder aspects of the game. I myself even refer back to my coding post since it is really confusing.

I liked posting to the downloads that I use on a daily basis in a few of my posts which allowed readers to directly experience what I was writing about.

If I could have done it again, I would have like to do more posts about my daily adventures, rather than tutorials, like in some of my first posts. Still it was fun showing others how to play the game.

Overall, this experience showed me how to get information out to others on the internet, and even though I was dealing with a pretty limited crowd, I still did get feedback and results. This also showed me how to break something down that is so simple to me, but is really difficult and complex to others. This class has been great. It was helpful and though I have a lot of knowledge of computers, it was an aspect of them I didn't know anything about. Thanks.

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