What I did

I started A Blog about music genres. As stated in ProjectProposalErikaWheelhouse was to expand my own knowledge of the music influences over time. I started with a list of ten genres. For each genre, I did a post about the genre as well as a few posts about key artists or bands that have made the biggest impact on the genre. This took a lot of research. I used all internet sites for my sources as well as videos from YouTube for a source to hear the music and link to it. I love music and it plays a big role in my life. I am constantly hooked up to my iPod. I thought I could use this project to learn about the music that has impacted and influenced the music I listen to today.

My Contract

I contracted for a B with 750 points. This required me to do 30-40 blogs that consisted of around 500 words each. I stayed to this pretty well. I ended with 45 posts about my blog project and each was around 500 words. I spent most of my time researching the genres and artists. The blogging part was the easiest. I tried to give my own opinion and take on their music without trying to give too much personal opinion. For example; I hate blues music, but I wanted to be respectful in my post because I do not appreciate the musical elements and content of the genre as other people do. Everyone has different tastes in music and my aim for the blog was to educate about the genres and artists rather than give a personal review of them.


When I started the blog, I wanted to follow blogs that were similar in order to see how they organized their posts. The closest blog I found to mine was one about more recent music. This blog focused on the popular music and rock-like music of the past decade or so. Mine was kind of the opposite, focusing on the history of each genre and the influential bands/artists of each genre. Her blog is clearly a personal blog, we are the same age, and she is using the blog as a space to post about her personal music preferences. This inspired me to make a Songs Page on my blog where I post videos of music I found in my research or music that I like listen to. This allowed me to put my own music interests into the blog without sacrificing the point of my project with my other posts. As far as gaining followers, my blog was not so popular. I gained a total of 6 followers. A few were classmates while the rest were music bloggers like me.

What I Discovered

I noticed that with a blog focused on telling more about a subject rather than giving an opinion, it was harder to find a voice in my posts. I tried to take a personal approach to my posts without being too opinionated. Because of that, I may have given more focus to the biographies and accomplishments than giving my take on the music. I wanted my blog to be more of an education for those people interested in music. It sort of is like a blog source for the big names in music history. This kept me from taking a personal stance and took on more of an educator's stance.

Along the way, I found that Blues music was possibly the most influential music. There is a timeline link of music that I found during my research. It shows the music movement starting with 1899. Jazz and World/Folk (which consists of Blues Music on the timeline) started way earlier than the other mainstream genres like pop and rock. It wasn't until the 1950's that the other genres started to take root in the music world. I noticed during my postings that the Blues artist Muddy Waters was a big influence in most artists' work as time went on.

The last thing I noticed is something I already mentioned in class. After my Reggae Posts, I noticed my views increased drastically. Through Google, people were connecting to my blog. You can tell that the biggest population who looked at my blog is interested in Reggae, Bob Marley, Adele, and The Ramones. Those 4 topics had over 1,000 views on my blog throughout the time period of my project.

Would I Do It Again?

I would do this blog again. The main purpose was for me to understand the history of music, understand the main artists and bands that impacted the genres, and share with other bloggers what I found. I think if I did it again I could take a more personal approach. I could add a section where I do music reviews. I could ask my followers and other bloggers what artists and bands they recommend or listen to. I learned a lot from doing this project. I even learned my way around wordpress. I began forming categories, linking to my twitter account, made a new page for my personal music interests, and discovered (slowly) how to incorporate my own voice into my posts. If I did this project again, I would make it way more personal and less educational. This would require a whole new proposal though, because I think in order to reach my goals I had to be less opinionated.
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