Final Write Up

I came up with my project proposal as a solution to help alleviate my workload of books for class. I am an English major and had quite a large booklist to read this semester, so I thought that I could reduce my stress by combining my readings with a project dedicated to (most generic of all) note-taking on said books in a new blog, separate from my personal blog. I continued forth with the project because I had no other ideas from my blogging that would fit the required criteria for this project. Despite all the stress at the beginning and end of the project, I did manage to complete it somehow. I will likely not be continuing the blog for future class booklists due to the stress and time crunch it put me under throughout it.

General Progress of Project

So this is overall what occurred during the 6 weeks I did my project:

Week 1
I hurriedly picked my project because I had no other ideas...and then proceeded to freak out over it not even two days later due to too much stress early that week. It was rather embarrassing in hindsight. I wanted to re-pick my project, sent out tweets saying that, and even emailed Mr. Morgan about it. I eventually forced myself to take a day and de-stress before I did anything permanent. I gave up on notes for the first book, Jane-Emily, because of a mistake on my part and too much of a time crunch (I literally had one night). The rest of the week was spent doing notes for the next book, The Things They Carried. I quickly discovered that doing a 500+ word post per chapter in my books wasn't always going to be possible if some chapters barely topped 5 pages. So I altered my proposal and did notes for chunks of chapters that I'd read in one go, adding to the notes as I read until the post hit 500 words. I found this was more relaxing and less stressful on me, and it still allowed me to hit my minimum word requirement.

Week 2
Spring break was on and I felt more confident and relaxed in my choice to stick to my note-taking project. The vacation made me procrastinate quite a bit though, which proved troublesome for class presentations. I began to go more in-depth during my Weekly Report about the books I was reading during the week, giving info for those not reading my full notes as a kind of hook. My anger at the dorm internet connection reared its head, though. That certainly made doing my blogging projects difficult. My struggles to juggle multiple things was also made known. I completed The Things They Carried and Hole in the Sky that week.

Week 3
I spent that week reading A Brief History of the Flood, between work and classes. I discovered that it was impossible for me to really get anything done on weekends, which was a sad discovery to make since I generally banked on weekends to get things done. I started to go in-depth on plans for future weeks and tried to plan what books would be read next and when. Due to the number of my class books dwindling and half of the project left, I decided to add in two books from my non-English classes in case I ran out of material before the six weeks were up. Though the number of posts were less, my word count jumped from 500+ to 1000+ words per post due to heavy content in chapters. That was a cool thing to have happen.

Week 4
I spent that week switching between reading the last two books in my English classes, Some Things That Stay and Olive Kitteridge. I decided that weekends are not my friend for reading. Also that I tend to put myself in high-pressure situations due to procrastination. Both of these facts I dislike greatly. My posts continue to top 1000+ words, which makes things easier on me so I'm not putting out ten separate posts for a single book. I start planning out how to wrap the project up and whether I'll need to include those last two non-English books or not.

Week 5
A lot of non-project chaos occurred this week, between preparing for a convention trip and dealing with a jury duty call. It was a difficult week. I spent that week completing the last chunk of Olive Kitteridge. Due to lack of content, with only five chapters of Olive Kitteridge left, I decided to add the two non-English books to my blog reading list. Those books would be Night Flying Woman for my Intercultural Communication class and a Minecraft novel picked by my brother for my independent reading project. Papers are starting to flood in from other classes, threatening to make life more difficult for me.

Week 6
I completed Olive Kitteridge and read through Night Flying Woman. I quickly found my schedule packed between class, work, and spring chores so I had to end my project after the first three chapters of my independent reading project book. I reflected on the project overall and found that, while more trouble that I initially thought, I was glad I had completed the project. I'll admit though, I was really happy that it was done.

General Findings

Procrastination and poor time management can be extremely big issues when doing a project like this. So can reality as a whole but that's something that we cannot just ignore in favor of a project, as much as we'd like to. I feel I would have done better with this project had I not procrastinated or better scheduled when to read sections of my books.

While this project was very troublesome, I did find it helpful in terms of acing my class quizzes. Though I usually ace them anyways, I found that recalling dates and specific details about locations stuck with me better once I had taken notes and read them over prior to the test. It was very helpful, in my opinion.

Interesting Things That Came Up


After starting the project, I found the ability to go through with it despite all the trouble I ran into with it. I find this means that I can withstand the challenge and hardship of such a project, even given the option to switch to something easier or less stressful on myself (not that I had any other ideas that would fit the criteria). I feel this means that I have enough persistence and durability to take on challenges that I do not find appealing to do. It speaks of my work ethic, I feel. I'm proud of that.

I'm not sure if my project really reveals anything new about writing or technology or anything. It's literally just me taking notes about books. The most generic project of all time, I bet. If you wanted something breathtakingly interesting, check out my Flight Rising Nuzlocke blog. Regarding this though, I'm not seeing much beyond what I've learned about myself through doing this.

Oh, and PINK CANDY FLOSS, Mr. Morgan. As required.
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