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Dominique Koppes' WikiName Page

My name is Dominique. Books are my thing, writing is bank, and what I find most relaxing is hiking. Also, I share a very strong bond with hats.

I was born in Staples, Minnesota where I lived until I was seven, and where I would later return to after spending five years in York, South Carolina. I am currently living in Bemidji, Minnesota, and am a nineteen-year-old English Education major and a junior at Bemidji State University.

I made this wiki for a class I am taking for my major. I knows even less about wikis than I did about blogs, and I just a moment ago lost all my information when I attempted to save my page, and as a result, had to re-type everything. My experience with this wiki is already going amazing. I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next. Can you sense my sarcasm yet?

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