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===== Destiny Sherman's WikiName Page =====

I'm a student in en3177, Weblogs and Wikis, for Spring semester 2016. I am a senior student, 23 years old, female. My major is Professional and Creative Writing with a minor in Biology. I'm currently working on budgeting my time better since my class schedule is busy this semester, as well as my perpetual fight against the urge to procrastinate.

I'm taking Weblogs and Wikis to further my major. I'm also interested in the blogging aspect of online writing. The class has been interesting and fun so far, despite my initial troubles. I'm hoping it continues to stay interesting and fun as the weeks go on.

=== my favorite activities ===
- reading
- writing
- drawing
- caring for animals
- listening to music on Youtube
- playing video games

=== Links ===
- [[ | My Wordpress Blog]]
- [[ | My Twitter]]
- [[ | my personal email]]
- [[ | my school email]]

==== Assignments and Exercises ====
- FirstWikiNotesDRS
- SentencesAboutWritingOnAWikiDRS
- ProjectProposalDRS
- FinalWriteUpDRS
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