Course Syllabus Spring 2012

Mon 9 Jan

Wed 11 Jan

By class time Friday, read Rettberg, chap 1, and set up a blog at, and make a couple of posts. Email me the address to your blog.

Fri 13 Jan

for Wed 18 Jan

Mon 16 Jan

Weds 18 Jan

For Friday, visit a few blog posts that address topics dealt with in Rettberg or Levinson and comment - develop, extend, link, provide something useful.

Fri 20 Jan

Class cancelled. Morgan is ill

start WeblogAndWikisWeekThree2012. Post over the weekend. Meet Monday.

This will be our last Friday meeting.
  • Jill Walker Rettberg on the #sopablackout
  • Where you should be by now.
  • Discussion on Levinson chaps 1 - 2
  • Facebook and Twitter

Tips on the practice of blogging

Mon 25 Jan

Class meets as scheduled

Wed 27 Jan

- WeblogAndWikisWeekThree2012

Friday - Sunday

Two activities - in which ever order you find useful - that enact some ideas of Rettberg, Chap 3. Think of blogs not as isolated islands but as nodes in a set of networks, esp social networks between people. Rettberg places the kind of social networks that are created by blogging in context with other networks created by other social networking sites, like FB, to create distributed conversations.

Mon 30 Jan

Weds 1 Fab


Update: Sun 5 Feb: Class cancelled for Mon 6 Feb

  • Intro to wiki and new set of activities will be out Wednesday.

Mon 6 Feb

  • Class cancelled.

Web 8 Feb

Mon 13 Feb

Wed 15 Feb
Mon 20 Feb

  • No classes on campus

Wed 22 Feb

Mon 27 Feb

Wed 29 Feb Fri 2 Mar

  • Expect project ok or request to revise.
  • When you get the ok, go ahead and start.
  • Tweet notice of updates, requests for response ...

Mon, 23 April

Tues, 1 May, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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