Course Syllabus Spring 2011

11 Jan

For Thursday
Return to this site and start the Set Up activities on WeblogAndWikisWeekOne2011. Get signed up for a blog, email the url to me, and make a post or two on it using the en3177 tag. Move on to next steps if you wish.

Questions? Answers? Post them as comments to the Weblogs and Wikis Startup post.

13 Jan

As of 8:00 am Jan 12: four or five weblogs are linked, and half a dozen Twitter accounts are following @weblogsandwikis


In class

For the week of Jan 31

WeblogsAndWikisWeekFour2011: Wikis

by Thursday
by Friday
by Monday evening
by Tues / Weds

For the week of Jan 24

WeblogAndWikisWeekThree2011: Here Comes Everybody

For the week of Jan 17

WeblogAndWikisWeekTwo2011: Blogging, Communities, and Networks: Changes in literacy, dialogue, and genres.

Week 2 Slides I think you'll be able to access this. If not, let me know and I'll do something else. The videos

17 jan


Class meeting for Thursday, 20 Jan cancelled. Keep reading and posting links and annotations. I'll be in the mix this week-end. See you Tuesday. mcm

Update 18 Jan: If you haven't done so already, make a post to your weblog, introducing yourself, voicing your excitement in the course (!), interest in the topic of this course, apprehensions, ams, goals, purposes ... The usual stuff. This post marks your beginning in the course. Tag the post with en3177.

For the week of Feb 7

Wikis, continued

Some collaborative projects going on

For the Week of Feb 14

by Thursday Feb 17
by Friday Feb 18
by Monday evening Feb 21
by Tues - Weds Feb 22 - 23

For the week of Feb 7

Wikis, continued

Some collaborative projects going on

by Thursday Feb 10
by Friday Feb 11
by Monday evening Feb 14
by Tues - Weds Feb 15-16

Tues 22 Feb

Tues 1 March

Thurs 17 Mar

We will meet on Thursday this week.

Week of 21 Mar

Week of 28 Mar

Week of 5 Apr

Week of 12 Apr

Week of 18 Apr

Week of 25 Apr

Final: Attendance required

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