Course Syllabus Spring 2007

unfolds as the course progresses

Weds 24 Jan

for Friday, Jan 26: Look around

Fri 26 Jan - over the weekend

Mon 29 Jan

Weds 31 Jan

Fri 2 Feb

have a look at
Commentary on Blood
Mon 5 Feb

Weds 7 Feb

Fri 9 Feb

Mon 12 Feb
- intro to the wiki: collaboration, social text, hypertext
Weds 14 Feb

Fri 16 Feb

Mon 19 Feb

Weds 21 Feb

Assignment for Monday, 26 Feb
Select a content page on the wiki. (Not a WikiName page, and not the syllabus, thanks.) If you can't find one, create one. Work with the page to add / start / refactor the page into DocumentMode. You may leave the threads if you wish, or cut those that you've refactored into the document section. See RefactoringPages.

Be brave. Be thorough. Write to make the DocumentMode better than the original threads.

Fri 23 Feb

Mon, 26 Feb

Weds 28 Feb

Fri 2 Mar

Projects have started!

I've added the projects to the Daybook blogroll. If your link doesn't go anywhere, email me the url to your new blog. A couple people need to finish the revision to their project proposals and let me know when they are ready. Then I can link the project in.

Stay on this: I need to get everyone linked in this weekend. Break is coming fast.

I'll be getting back to those who worked on the refactoring this weekend or Monday.

Sun 18 Mar

BSU is officially back in session starting Monday morning, Mar 19. The assignment for the week

Mon Mar 26 and Fri Mar 30

We meet again face to face in the classroom. I'll also assign the first Studio Tour for that week, as well, so you can get some detailed feedback from your colleagues.

Mon 26 Mar

* Assign StudioTour1 for Sunday, 1 April, dawn
* Discussion > Reflection

for Fri 30 Mar

* A brief version of the MidTermReflection
Due Friday, 30 Mar, classtime.

14 April: Updated calendar

from Spring 20027

Final Presentations

30 April

2 May

4 May

7 May

9 May

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