Course Syllabus Spring 2016

Class meets

Face to face course meets 12:30 - 1:45, Tue 12 Jan

Week of Jan 12 - 19

Week of Jan 19 - 26

Check the following
For the week: BootCamp2016, Week 2. Deadlines Fri and Moday.

Week of Jan 26 - Feb 1

Week of Jan 26 - Feb 1

Week of Jan 26 - Feb 1

2 Feb 2016: Prof Morgan may be 10 mins late

Start discussion on WhatMakesABlog without him.

for Tue 16 Feb class meeting

Finish up your work with WikisAreUs

We'll spend the time in class comparing notes on your first look at wikis. We want to work from first impressions of wikis and towards a critical perspective - which is why the readings are important. They provide a critical stance.

If you haven't sensed it already, wikis push against / challenge / call into question print-based conventions and values of writing: ownership, commodification, expert and amateur production, incentive. That creates anxiety not just in writers but others stakeholders: businesses, teachers, anyone who wants to control how ideas develop. Come ready to discuss and ask questions about

Your first port of call on any of these topics is this wiki. Use the search field at the top of each page, or the page index.

Advanced writing and editing

- What's on the button bar

I'll post the activities for the coming week just after the class.

Week of Feb 9 - Feb 16

The first post for the week is due Friday, midnight, so you might want to get started on this stuff right now.

Set up your WikiName page

Download and print out two pages. You'll want to be able to refer to the tutorial as you register for the wiki.
After you have worked with the tutorial, go on to
After you have set up your WikiName page, go on to read and post

Reminder: Deadlines Friday and Monday

Week of Feb 16 - 23

Week of Feb 23 - Mar 1

We're moving into designing a project, so this week and next will have occasional deadlines.
For Tue 1 Mar: class time:
Update: 1 Mar 2016 The dates are now corrected on ProjectProposalAssignment. Proposals due midnight, Thur 3 Mar If you have submitted a proposal already, you're ahead of the game.
Well-traveled wikis These have been used by students in ENGL3177. Use the education or student branch if there is one.

Week of Mar 8 - break

Week of May 2. - 6

Week of 19 Apr

Week of Mar 21 - 28

We're back from break! I'm catching up with reviewing and commenting and recording things . Projects are under way. The next weekly summary - reflection is due next Mon 28 Mar, midnight. The calendar is on the ProjectProposalAssignment page.

Last class meeting: Apr 18

Remember to post a link to your studio tours as a Response to this post on the Daybook.

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