Course Syllabus Spring 2015

Course starts Tue 13 Jan 2015.

Week 1: 14 Jan - 21 Jan

Course starts Tues 13 Jan 2015, 12:00 pm


for 13 Jan 2105

Thu 15 Jan Update

Tue 20 Jan

Update Sat 24 Jan

Tues 27 Jan

Annotating Rettberg

Tues 3 Feb

For the week of 3 Feb - 10- Feb

Tues 10 Feb

Tues 17 Feb

Reminder: This week is asking for multiple posts so deadlines Weds / Thurs / Friday /Saturday/ Sunday, midnight. Look to post at least twice, but better three times.

for week of 17 Feb - 24 Feb

posted on Sun 22 Feb

Before Tuesday, class time.

Set up your WikiName page

Download and print out two pages. You'll want to be able to refer to the tutorial as you register for the wiki.

Now follow the tutorial and get registered for the wiki and your wiki name page set up.

for week of 24 Feb - 3 Mar

3 Mar

The role of the writer on the wiki

Micro-exercise: Due R, 6:00 pm

Recall that WikisAreSocial. Recall on a wiki EverythingIsInterTwingled. Recall that MeaningIsConnection and ConnectionIsMeaning.

Return to the pages you created or worked on, and revise - add to - refactor - create stubs - work below the DoubleLine - to do two things

1. Link the page with other pages on this wiki by adding WikiWords in appropriate places. You will need to find other pages to link to (Use Search, consult PageIndex, have another look at the SentencesAboutWritingTheWiki page, read other pages).
2. To open the page to further additions / changes by others. CreatingStubs is a good way. WikiCharming is another.

This exercise need not take long (30 minutes), but the more inviting you are, the better the health of the wiki.

Final clean up

Some Notes on Wikis from Elsewhere

Week of Mar 9 - 13

A well-deserved break

Tues 17 Mar

Face to face class does not meet for the rest of the semester, until

21 April

Last day of class. Meet face to face.

7 May


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