Course Syllabus Spring 2014

Course starts Tue 14 Jan 2014.

Week 1: 14 Jan - 21 Jan

Week 2: 22 Jan - 28 Jan

Dustin Waulk tweets: It's like an Easter egg hunt trying to find everyone's twitter with #en3177. If you have yet to follow my blog

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In class
For this week,

Week 3: Jan 28 - Feb 4

Wrapping up BootCamp.

In class
Activities for Week 3 move us into Jill Walker Rettberg's book, Blogging, 2nd edition.
n class
Your work with materials for this course should be substantive, detailed, thorough, and thoughtful. Blogging is a good forum for fulfilling these criteria. Blogging tends to have an attitude, and it tends to be informal, accumulative, with any single post being partial, incomplete, and tentative. But blogging - good blogging - is also substantive, detailed, thorough, thoughtful. Snarky, informal, partial and incomplete - but still substantive.

For this week

week 5: Feb 11 -18

In class

Week 4: Feb 11 - Feb 18

For this week

Week 5: Feb 18 - 25

Week 5 activities


Week 6 Notes

Week 6 Activities

Week 5 and 6 can be a challenge because you may need to learn some new practices as well as generate and work with content.
Make additions and edits to pages you're working on every other day and keep track of your work on your WikiName page or your weblog. You'll need that list for your weekly reflection.

Week 7: Cancelled

For Week 8: After break

This will be our last face to face meeting until the final week of class. Pretty important to be present.

For Week 9: Getting started on the project

Week the Last


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