Course Syllabus Spring 2010

Mon 11 Jan

for Wed


Thurs 9:50 am
#haiti is in play on twitter. Go to twitter and enter #haiti in your search bar to get life updates on the earthquake and relief efforts. this is how twitter is now coming to be used in emergencies.


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Wed 13 Jan

for Friday
For Friday,

Fri 22 Jan - through the weekend

Mon 25 Jan

Weds 27 Jan

Fri 29 Jan

No face to face meeting. Blog exercise in collective writing running from Wednesday to Monday. Blogs as a medium for collective work.

Time these exercises out over the five days.

You're trying, by posting and commenting, and by linking, to consider and explore some of the implications of the topic to your area of knowledge, expertise, or experience.

By Friday, noon
from Friday noon through the weekend Of course, you can see what other groups in class are writing in and comment on and link to their work.

You'll be presenting your ideas - and how the exercise went - on Monday, in class.

Update: Sunday 5:00 pm. Everyone log into their blogs and check for comments that might need moderating. Checking in to moderate comments is part of the weekend exercise.

Mon 1 Feb

Fri 5 Feb

- No face to face meeting. Online exercise on the wiki, leading to Monday and Wednesday consideration of WritingOnAWiki.

Friday Exercise 5 Feb - Sun 7 Feb

Wikis change the postions of writer and reader - as blogs do but more so. But even more, they alter how writing gets written, making drafting more public, slowing down revision, and adding an aspect to writing: refactoring. More than traditionally, wikis demand that writers share a common sense of the material process, and a shared idea of how the text will be worked with.

Become familiar with the shared processes of writing on a wiki. Read the StyleGuide, and the pages linked from that page: ThreadMode, DocumentMode, and RefactoringPages.

Read also Wide Open Spaces: Wikis Ready or Not by Brian Lamb.

Then visit our page titled WideOpenSpaces and start and add to the ThreadMode discussion. You might also contribute to some of the topics already started.

You task is to become familiar with the conversation we've been having on this wiki for the past few years, and to find a place or topic to enter and add to. Post at least once. Better to return later and post a second time. Or post to other topics. If you post to other topics, keep track of those topics.

The discussants are students in this class past and present. You have nothing to fear.

Mon 8 Feb

Everyone should have read the materials and posted to the wiki at least once. These exercises are part of your grade.

for Weds
Past due

Weds 10 Feb

Friday - Weds

Articles to draw on. Work with at least two
Additions should start by Friday if not before. Continue to class time Wednesday, 17 Feb.. Return 3 - 5 times.

Weds 17 Feb

Friday - Monday

Optional exercise: Extra special double points for refining and refactoring active pages in TheHorrorsOfSocialMeeja. Keep track of pages you worked on and what you did on your WikiName page.

Mon 22 Feb

Wrapping up the first half of the course. Have a look at New starts


Twice a week, visit the three other sites in your group and comment: give some feedback, crit, suggest, support.

Everyone you visit should also be visiting you - and if they aren't, remind them to when you visit.


Twitter as newspaper
mcmorgan Twitter Stream
Weblogs and Wikis Twitter Stream

Reminder: We meet 19 and 21 April

10:00 am

Monday, 19 April. Seven weeks in. We will meet face to face 19 April and 21 April to compare notes and talk about preparing write ups.
Projects should wind down to a close on April 28. The final is on Fri 30 April, and the project write up is due Mon 3 May.

A final visit

Make a final visit and comment to each other's projects this week - Wednesday or Friday - to help prime the pump for the project write up.


Fri 30 April 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Recent Pages

Features spring 2010: Conversation and community with WordPress, wikis, and Flickr; micro-blogging with Twitter, mini-blogging with Tumblr.

Parallel Course

ENGL 3179/5179: Elements of Electronic Rhetoric investigates the rhetorical significance behind weblogs, wikis, microblogging, and Flickr through a series of student-designed projects. The principles behind the practice. Spring, 2010. !0:00 T and R.

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