Course Syllabus Spring 2009

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Texts for Spring 2009

Mon 12 Jan

Weds 14 Jan

For Friday, classtime
Fri 16 Jan

Mon 19 Jan

Weds 21 Jan

Fri 23 Jan

Ephemeral, Anonymous, Public, and (Possibly) Collaborative Art

Chalk Art at BSU Like a wiki or blog, this work is public, ephemeral, and in space that permits comment, editing, and further development.

And I found this article: when you aren't collaborating, is a wiki still useful?

Coming Up: Copyright and Online Production
We'll be looking a copyright matters in online writing in a few weeks - and Rettberg will have something to say about authority, originality, and copyright. But if you're interested, have a look at what others on this wiki have developed at CreativeCommonsLicensing. Contribute if you wish.

for Monday
Blogs are social spaces. The more sociable you are, the more sociable others will be.
Mon 26 Jan
notes concerning Rettberg, chap 1

Student Demonstration in Paris

or Weds: On your group notes page: Find and link to at least one example of each of the kinds of blogs Rettberg mentions. Annotate each, explaining what makes that example an example of that kind of blog.
Fri 30 Jan

Over weekend
Mon 2 Feb
Spread of a meme / tag. #uksnow started Sunday evening about Superbowl time. #snowballfight, calling for a snowball fight in Trafalger Square at 12:30 CDT / 6:30 BDT, started Monday morning.
Bloggers, Narratives, and Self-Representation
Justin's Notes from Underground | | Justin Hall on Wikipedia

Dervala at Love Letter

If you missed Friday 30 Jan, you'll need to add material to your group's notes for the day. Refer to Rettberg, chap 3, and CollaborativeCourseNotes.

Alternatively, you can post to your blog on ideas and matters that Rettberg addresses, with links, to continue the chapter by chapter discussion outside of class. Take issue with some of Rettberg's claims or perspective on the position of blogs in history or in social networks? There are alternative perspectives and evidence on the web. Develop your position. See an implication (Many of you did in class on Friday)? Develop it.

Weds 4 Feb

Fri 6 Feb
For Friday - Saturday
For Monday

Where you should be
  • Titled blog with tagline
  • A polished About page or bio information in your Profile
  • You should be making a blog post every day. Get too far behind and you won't get caught up. BloggingActivitiesExercise
  • Links to posts in other blogs
  • A developing blogroll
  • Wondering what to write?
  • Visit and post to The Daybook
  • A developing sense of how blogs work socially and with respect to other media, such as print (Rettberg, chaps 1 - 2).
  • A developing sense of legitimate arguments concerning online literacy (Rettberg, chaps 2 - 3).
  • A developing sophistication in blog posts: finding blogs, reading posts, composing posts, linking, ...

Post. Be social.

Mon 9 Feb

Weds 11 Feb

Fri 13 Feb

Mon 16 Feb

Weds 18 Feb

Fri 20 Feb

Fri 20 Feb

Mon 23 Feb

Update: 24 Mar 2009

We meet again face to face on Monday, 23 Mar. Wednesday, 25 Mar. Check The Daybook for more information, and watch for an email.

StudioTour1 assigned. Deadline is 1 April. mid-day.

CourseSyllabus < where the assignments and announcements go when we're done with them here


Weds, 15 April

Mon, 20 April

Weds 22 April

Fri 24 April

Mon 27 April

Weds 29 April

May 7

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