Course Syllabus Spring 2008

Spring 2008

Required Texts

Class starts Wednesday, 23 Jan.

Weds 23 Jan

for Friday
return to this page and view from
Chapters 1 and 2 in Risdahl if you have the text.

Fri 25 Jan

Mon 28 Jan

Note: People are already posting to the Daybook. You might want to drop in and leave a comment.

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For Weds
Update: Jan 29, 3:45 pm I've added some participants to the Daybook. If you're there, good. If not, please email me with the blog address from the email account you used when you registered with WordPress.

Post the assignment for Wednesday - commenting on Risdahl - to your own blog.

Blog Checklist for weekend and week of Jan 28: Develop and tidy up. Be findable.

  • Add introductory remarks in the About section.
  • Add Categories and start using them.
  • Add to your side bar: Visit sites and use the Link This bookmarklet to add them to your blogroll.
  • Go to Dashboard > Options > General and devise an appropriate blog title and tagline.
  • Go to Dashboard > Discussion and set options you want to use for discussion.
  • Go to your Dashboard > Blogroll and manage your blogroll: Add categories to the blogroll and organize links in them.
  • Go to Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets and play around with the widgets. Add them, see what they do, remove them ...

We have a lot of blog and writing expertise in this class. So ask your questions on The Daybook. Give your answers there, too. Points for Q's or A's.

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  • Weds 30 Jan

    for Fri 1 Feb
    Fri 1 Feb

    Assignment for Mon 4 Feb

    Mon 4 Feb

    Weds 6 Feb

    Online news readers
    Online image editing
    Desktop image editors

    Fri 8 Feb

    Mon 11 Feb

    Weds 13 Feb

    Fri 15 Feb

    Mon 18 Feb
    We'll start EngagingABarnRaising for this week.
    - WikiReadingsForCourse, esp
    - Wide Open Spaces: Wikis, Ready or Not, Brian Lamb. pdf and WideOpenSpaces: Our wiki page commenting on building on the article.
    - Embrace the Wiki Way, Matt Barton

    Tues 19 Feb

    Weds 20 Feb

    Thurs 21 Feb

    Fri 22 Feb

    Mon 25 Feb
    Look at Love and Hate on the wiki and see if a rhetorical consideration addresses some of the issues mentioned. Wikis for Dummies emphasizes collaborative and organizational uses of wikis. There's another dimension to them.
    for bloggers

    List of wiki hosting sites (aka wiki farms)
    Wikipedia has a large list of wikis, and a pretty complete comparison chart of wiki farms. Here are a few wiki farms that people in class are familiar with. Readers: Please add what you know.

    Wed 27 Feb

    Fri 29 Feb
    Special Leap Year Class Session
    The tradition ... started with St. Patrick and St. Bridget (5th Century) in Ireland. St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick that the sisters in her nunnery were in despair because the prevailing tradition at the time -- that women had to wait for a proposal of marriage from a man. [At the time, nuns were allowed to marry.]] St.Patrick agreed to allow women to propose to men every four years, during Leap Year [in some versions, it's only on Feb 29th]. Bridget proposed to Patrick only to be turned down. [St Patrick was a saint at the time and could not marry. As recompense, Patrick gave Bridey a gown, in some versions.].

    Final notes

    Happy Easter Week.

    update: Sunday, April 20
    Next face to face meeting: 21 April
    Morgan's note links
    Wed 23 April

    no meeting on Friday 25 April

    Implications and Presentations
    Remember that millions of people have been taught to use a different form of English from yours, including different spellings, grammatical constructions, and punctuation. | Wikipedia:Manual of Style (image:  (image:
    Technological developments ... are constantly evolving, putting users under constant pressure to adapt their language to the demands of new contexts, and giving them fresh opportunities to interact in novel ways. David Crystal, Language and the Internet.


    txtin iz messin,
    mi headn'me englis,
    try2rite essays,
    they all come out txtis.
    gran not plsed w/letters shes getn,
    swears i wrote better
    b4 comin2uni.
    &she's african
    Hetty Hughes

    Weblogs and Wikis

    ENGL 3177/5177
    Because new tools create new ways of understanding.
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    CreativeCommonsLicensing | AboutThisWiki

    notes for spring 2009


    Mon 28 Apr

    Weds 30 Apr

    Live Blog Test. Replay

    Fri 2 May

    Mon 5 May

    Wed 7 May: Final Day


    Final write ups are due 10:00 am, Weds, May 14,6:00 pm - or earlier.
    Post a notice to the Daybook, with a link to your final write up when it's ready.
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