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=====Course Syllabus Spring 2018=====

==== Week of 8 Jan ====
- Online students will shadow the face to face class that starts 10 Jan. Read the CourseStatement2018 so you know what to expect. Then start the BootCamp2017 exercises. Use the same weekly deadlines for face to face class. First deadline is Jan 13. Second is Jan 15.
- introductions
- The Weblogs and Wikis wiki
- CourseStatement2018
- [[ The Daybook]]
- [[
| Tutorial]] and other WP materials.
- BootCamp2018

Deadllines for this week
- Midnight 13 Jan: Weblog set up
- Midnight 15 Jan: Posting!

** reminder: Bootcamp deadine**: Mon 23 Jan: a reflection on these two weeks of Bootcamp set up. See the BootCamp2018 page for the criteria.

==== Week of 8 Jan ====
- Class meets face to face on 9 Jan.
- Online students will shadow the face to face class.
- Read the CourseStatement2018 so you know what to expect. Then start the BootCamp2018 exercises. First deadline is Jan 12. Second is Jan 14.
- introductions
- The Weblogs and Wikis wiki
- CourseStatement2018
- [[ The Daybook]]
- BootCamp2018
==== Week of 15 Jan ====
BootCamp2018 continues: Week Two is about RSS, CC and IP, setting up your weblog further, and practicing embedding media into blog posts. BootCamp2017 also suggests Continuing Activities.

**In class**
- Questions on the CourseStatement2017? Weekly Routine, Criteria for Engagement, reading and replying to others, multiple posts during the week ...
- Questions, problems, concerns, suggestions
- Refine your blog: [[ | Common Mistakes]], from This excellent page is WordPress Management in a Box: a wide-ranging set of tutorials for managing your blog.
- [[ | Attribution Helper]] from @cogdog.
- Checking your progress: D2L > Assessments > User Progress > Grades

**Bootcamp Deadlines for this week**
Refer to BootCamp2017
- **Fri 20 Jan: Midnight**: post about Creative Commons and Intellectual Property
- Sat, Sun, Mon: Comment on those posts
- Mon 23 Jan: a reflection on these two weeks of Bootcamp set up.

==== Week of 16 Jan - 23 Jan ====
- BootCamp2018 week 1 complete: WP blog, gravatar, Twitter.
- Frequent posting to blog.
- Face to face class meets at 12:30
- Problems? Solutions? Suggestions.
- For this week: BootCamp2018, part 2: posting on RSS, CC and IP, refining up your weblog, and embedding media
- Refining your blog: Start with [[ | Lorelle's guide]].
- Check BootCamp2018 for two deadlines.

==== Week of 23 Jan ====
For this week, let's start blogging!

- [[ Lorelle's Publishing Checklist]]
- ReadingsBlogAsDiaryAndCommonPlaceBo0k

==== Week of 30 Jan ====
"My 12 year old blogs. How can blogs be //literature//?"

- ReadingsBlogsAsLiterature

==== Week of 6 Feb ====
Use the same guidelines and days for posting as before in [[ReadingsBlogAsDiaryAndCommonPlaceBo0k | How to develop a post]].

- ReadingsBloggingAndIdentity

==== Week of 13 Feb ====
If you haven't used a wiki before, start with the tutorial: [[ | Getting Started on a Wiki]]

Then go on to SettingUpAWikiNamePage. Then explore the readings and videos, and move into composing your thoughts about using wikis as requested in WikisAreUs.

- [[ | Getting Started on a Wiki]]
- SettingUpAWikiNamePage
- WikisAreUs

For Extra Credit! you can take stock of your impressions about working with a wiki as a post on your blog.

==== Week of 20 Feb ====
In class, we'll discuss wikis. For the week, enter the world of TheWikiWay with

- SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki

==== Week of 27 Feb ====
- Tue 27 Feb: Discuss SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki
- ProjectProposalAssignment
- Draft project proposals due Mon 5 Mar, midnight. Post them on a wiki page, not your blog, so we both can review and revise them. I'll review them and get back to on Mar 6. Expect an approval or a request for revision.
- What makes a good project? One that meets the terms laid out in the ProjectProposalAssignment. Read that first, then consider, then do some research, then draft a project. As you do, you'll be able to shape the project.
- If your proposal isn't approved on the first round, re-submit before midnight Fri 9 March. You'll have a response from me on Sat, 10 March.
- For full credit, your project must start by Mon 12 Mar, 2018. Projects officialy end on Tue 24 April.

==== Calendar ====
- Mon Apr 2 - 9: StudioTourExercise
- Tue 17 Apr: last class meeting
- Tue 24 Apr: Projects due. No class meeting
- tba: final

== Course addresses ==
- [[ The wiki for this course. ]]
- [[ The Daybook]]: Our course weblog. Check this page daily.
- [[ @weblogsandwikis]] The Twitter feed for this course. @weblogsandwikis
- #en3177 The Twitter hashtag for this course
- [[ Morgan's wiki]]
- Information on assessment for students in BS English: BOTAssessmentForWeblogsAndWikis

== The Weeks ==
- CourseStatement2018
- BootCamp2018
- HeuristicForWeeklyReflections
- ReadingsBlogAsDiaryAndCommonPlaceBo0k
- ReadingsBlogsAsLiterature
- ReadingsBloggingAndIdentity
- SettingUpAWikiNamePage
- WikisAreUs
- SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki


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