I'm beginning to accept that for wiki to work content must be contested. Matt says it:

: The wiki way is to de-centralize control of a website to the point where the only possible content is locally-produced and contested content. Every page in such a wiki is a point where consensus has been reached--but always on a temporary basis. WikiConsciousness is the exact opposite of false consciousnesses, which confuses us into thinking there are such things as individuals or that ideas are private things. [http://kairosnews.org/user/view/195 blacklily8 on Kairos]

I'm beginning to accept that - even if I don't like it much. MorganMC

The open nature of the Wiki means that anything we post can be ContestedContent. All one needs to do is start a new page, or add a thread to something we've said in order to add their TwoCentsWorth. Or, if they so choose they can even refactor what we have said.

One of the readings on Community Wiki said that we need to be prepared to SeekCriticism if we want our arguments to be validated. By posting on this wiki, we are seeking criticism. The same is true on the blog. If you allow comments, and this reading says that all good sites offer a feedback channel, you open your writing up to become ContestedContent.

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