Rettberg Chpt. 4

Authenticity of bloggers vs. authenticity of jounalists:

- journalism originally a title of a professional working with mainstream media/publishing
- bloggers could be anybody, be they professionals/experts or just 'amateur' writers
- jounalism is expected to be reliable and objective
- blogs are subjective, independant, and opinionated, which are qualities that attract readers
- bloggers are often immediately in the action/the first to report
- blogs are not held acountable for the information they convey
- bloggers build credibility by posting information with links to their sources
- bloggers have a free range of observation
- bloggers gain more credibility with each new post they make, gathering more regular readers
- blogging recieves more feedback that sometimes questions the credibility of its content
- bloggers are their own editors
- journalists collect stories and their editors pick and choose which ones get published

Symbiosis: How blogs intersect with mainstream media

- Gatewatching: inpute, output, commentary
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