Exercises and projects for Weblogs and Wikis, or just for stretching your mind.

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ActivityForRettbergChap5 [Activity for Rettberg Chap 5: Blogs as Narratives] AsynchronousWikiNotes [AsynchronousWikiNotes] BloggingActivitiesExercise [Blogging Activities]
BloggingBlogsExercise [Blogging Blogs Exercise] BloggingIdentity [Blogging Identity] CollaborativeCourseNotes [Collaborative Class Notes]
CollectiveBloggingExercise [Collective Blogging Exercise] CreatingWikiTopicsFromNotesExercise [An exercise in creating WikiTopics from a set of notes] GettingStartedOnWikiProject2013 [GettingStartedOnWikiProject2013]
GettingStartedOnWritingTheWiki [seed assignments] GettingStartedWithWritingTheWikiProject [Getting Started with the WritingTheWikiProject] MappingTheBlogosphere [Mapping the Blogosphere]
MidTermDiscussion2007 [questions for seeding midterm discussion] MidTermReflection [Midterm Reflection] MidTermReflectionBenErdrich [getting started]
MidTermReflectionEmilyHalla [questions for seeding midterm discussion] MidTermReflectionEricNorquist [projects] MidTermReflectionJessicaBohmbach [questions for seeding midterm discussion]
MidTermReflectionJessicaHorn [getting started] MidTermReflectionKatherineGrandstrand [questions for seeding midterm discussion] MidtermReflectionKatieAase [questions for seeding midterm discussion]
MidTermReflectionsAmandaBertilson [questions for seeding midterm discussion] MidtermReflectionsChristianMack [getting started] MidtermReflectionsCM [getting started]
PreparingForWikis [Preparing for Wikis] ProjectPresentationAndWriteup [Project Presentation and Writeup] ProjectProposalAssignment [Project Proposal]
ProjectProposalMOOCVersion [Project Proposal - MOOC Version] ProjectWriteup [Project Writeup] ReadingsBlogAsDiaryAndCommonPlaceBo0k [Readings: Blog as Diary and Common Place Book]
ReadingsBloggingAndIdentity [Readings: Blogging and Identity] ReadingsBlogsAsLiterature [Readings: Blogs as Literature] RefactoringExercise [Original]
RettbergChap3 [Blogs, Communities, and Networks] RettbergChaps1And2 [Rettberg, Blogging, 2nd ed chaps 1 and 2] SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki [Sentences about Writing on a Wiki]
SettingUpAWeblogPart1 [Setting Up a Weblog, part 1] SettingUpAWeblogPart2 [Setting Up a Weblog, part 2] SettingUpAWikiNamePage [Setting up a WikiName page]
StudioTour1 [Studio Tour 1] StudioTour2 [Studio Visits redux] StudioTourExercise [Studio Tours Exercise]
TheUsesOfBlogsPart1 [The Uses of Blogs, part 1] TheUsesOfBlogsPart2 [The Uses of Blogs, Part 2: Blogs and Learning] TwitLit [TwitLit]
TwitteringActivitesExercise [Twitter Activities Exercise] WeblogAndWikisWeekOne2011 [Weblogs and Wikis Week One 2011] WeblogAndWikisWeekThree2012 [Weblogs and Wikis Week Three]
WeblogAndWikisWeekTwo2011 [Weblogs and Wikis Week Two] WeblogsAndWikisWeekOne2012 [Weblogs and Wikis Week One 2012] WeblogsAndWikisWeekSix2011 [Week 6: Reflect]
WeblogsAsNarrativesExercise2012 [Weblogs and Narrative] WhatMakesABlog [What makes a blog a blog?] WhatMakesABlogAndWhatDoBloggersDo [What makes a blog a blog? And what do bloggers do?]
WikisAreUs [Wikis are Us] WikiSurveyExercise [Wiki Survey Exercise] WritingInThreadModeExercise [Writing in ThreadMode Exercise]
WritingTheWikiExercise [seed assignments] WritingTheWikiProject [Writing the Wiki Project] WritingTheWikiSeedTheFirst [Writing the Wiki: Seed the First]
WritingTheWikiSeedTheSecond [The Goal] WritingTheWikiSeedTheThird [writing the wiki]

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