Weblogs and wikis are two technologies that make it possible for readers to write the web. They are SocialSoftware that allow people to engage in Web2Point0, the SocialWeb. The WikiWord BlogsAndWikis suggests that they are related, connected, categorically alike. Both address Tim Berners-Lee's founding desire to create the web as a space collaboratively created, where readers become writers. Here's what he says:
The basic ideas of the Web is an information space through which people can communicate, but communicate in a special way: communicate by sharing their knowledge in a pool. The idea was not just that it should be a big browsing medium. The idea was that everybody would be putting their ideas in, as well as taking them out. This is not supposed to be a glorified television channel Also everybody should be excited about the power to actually create hypertext. Writing hypertext is good fun, and being with a group of people writing hypertext and trying to work something out, by making links is a different way of working.... I'd hoped it would be a way for us to much more efficiently use people who came and went, use student work, use people working remotely. And leave a trail, not a paper trail, but a trail in hyperspace. http://www.w3.org/1999/04/13-tbl.html

With the capability of a shared communication space in common, weblogs and wikis are very different to work in and travel though, and very different rhetorically.

Which is what the course called BlogsAndWikis, that this wiki is part of, is about.


WhatIsAWiki and WhatIsAWeblog

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