Blogging Blogs Exercise

Bloggers blog blogs and other web sites to figure out what they think about them.

This writing assignment - like all of them for this class - gives you the opportunity to use writing to discover, in some detail, what you think and how, by writing about it in some detail and with some consideration.

Assignment: To expand your sense of what's possible in blogging, and to get a sense of what bloggers do when they blog, blog 3 blogs not from this class.

You can focus on whatever you wish: the content and ideas or the style of the blog, or both. But might start by referring to Blood, chap 1 - 3 to get a sense of what to look for when you read a blog. Or you might focus on blogs in your area of interest or profession (that is, news blogs, personal blogs, pundit blogs, scholarly blogs, or gaming blogs, tech blogs ...) Up to you.

Then go on to consider | describe | talk about the blog you're looking at and what the blogger seems to be doing on the blog.

Watch how the blogger defines his or her own blog: bloggers often state their purposes in their description, or a colophon, or on the sidebar. Then you can consider how the blogger is fulfilling the stated purpose in some of the postings.

And a word of advice from Blood: When you blog a blog, write to
transform the feeling of "this is interesting" into a succinct description of why [the blog] is worth a read. (Blood, p. 30)

To create a succinct description: Describe and interpret what you're looking at, rather than your impressions of it. Keep it informal. But get down to talking about specifics, examples. These will substantiate your impression of what you're looking at, and the closer you substantiate it, the more your particular sense of the blog comes to the surface. The self is in the details.
What I'd really like to see you try is connecting Blood's comments and thinking about blogging with your own, growing understanding of it, as you see those ideas played out in others' blogs. Blood writes about audience and about readership, for instance. Those ideas will surface in any blog. You can ask, Who is the readership for this blog? and how does the blogger tailor her postings for that readership? Or is this a blog for the writer alone? A blogger might copy and paste a passage to focus on, then comment on it, develop it, speculate, link to similar and dissimilar sites....

Link to the blog you're blogging. If you haven't yet, try creating links: They are the lifeblood of the Web. Refer to Yang, chap. 9.

Contract for points (50 - 75 - 150 or 200 points for the entire exercise, not each blog). I'll let you decide on your engagement with the assignment. You can review the CourseStatement2007 for more explanation on this.

When you're done, post a note to the Daybook with a link to your first post, and mention how many points you're contracting for.

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