Blogging As a Hobby
I must admit that when I first began to blog I just put RandomJottings down. They often were fragments that made little sense and had little thought into them. They were uncreative and probably quite boring. It was a way of throwign paint against a canvas and saying it was art. Slowly I began to take pride in my blogging, then more thought was applied and better writing would follow.

Blogging, for me anyway, slowly become a method of keeping people up to date (when I had time of course) about my life until it became part of my life. There is a certain amount of pride that accompanys a good blog entry. It provided me with another tool to spice up my life. I bettered my writing and gave me a chance to add color to typically black and white events. It was antoher view point in which I could see how I acted or reacted and think it through in hindsight. It allowed me to have limited mindfulness about my actions as well. I guess this paragraph strayed from my original intent, but that is kind of reflective of blogging in a way too...

Blogging as a hobbie is an interesting and very valid point. At first blogging was just another class assignment, but as I started to open up to it and get used to it, I found a type of release in doing it. Now I feel bad if too many days go by and I neglect my personal blog, or my project blog for that matter.

My other point is that blogging can also be considered an addiction. I agree with Micheal's statement in class one day though that it seems like every hobbie eventually becomes an addiction. Why is that? Is it that people become so involved in blogging that they ignore everything else in their lives? I hate to say this but it's not like blogging is physically addicting, can it be? I guess there are a lot of things I don't understand when it comes to a hobby growing into an addiciton. I like blogging, but personally I don't understand how it can grow out of control and turn from a hobbie to an addiction. (this is off track I know)

In conclusion, I think that Daniel has made some very good points. I think though that in order to address blogging as a healthy hobbie we have to also figure out what healthy is. Define it, if you will, where do we draw the line? Is posting a blog a day an addiction? I can't see why unless you spend hours and hours in front of your computer obsesively going through any other blog you can find. I don't know, I don't have the answers, but I seem to have found a lot of questions.


Here is a personal example from my life that may be taken how you will. I personally find it disrespectful, but thats just me. A good friend of mine always checks her blog. 7 or 8 times a day, but it typically comes at the expense of others. A couple of weeks back when we had the feverishly cold weather, this friend and I were going out that night. Well I went to start the car while she went up to grab something from her dorm. She told me it would be five minutes at the max, especially because we were running late. Well I waited for about fifteen in negitive 20 degree weather while she got her stuff and checked her blog. I personally took it as an offense in regards to my standing on the totem pole as compared to her blog. I routinely have these kind of episodes with her and I cannot help but think maybe she needs to "unplug" for a while and get reacustomed to the real world... DanielStern

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