Blog Genres

Blogging is a genre, but in being one, it draws on existing genres in creating itself as something distinct from others: remediation.

Some genre distinctions are beginning to appear, and bloggers are beginning to start and design blogs drawing on genres. While blogs can be rolled into larger web sites, I want to focus on blogs that are set up and maintained for a specific purpose and which draw on genres (from blog or other world) in their design and rhetoric, including the rhetoric of posting.

filters and others

The first distinction comes from Blood, et al.
But recent articles (elijah, et al) suggests that more bloggers are using the form as a personal or professional diary, and that conventions are beginning to surface. Everybody wants to be Samual Pepys.

blog categories

from Yang, Rough Guide.

blog forms

see BlogTropesAndFigures and BlogInventionStrategies

Paul Ford in [ Log Frenzy] gives us initial work on proposing some blog forms. His aim is to encourage writiing link-focused weblogs.

:"The Weblog is a new form in the world of arts and letters. How could the Weblog "form" be expanded in regards to narrative, not technology, to become exciting and valuable over time?"

Some examples
Ford's forms act as tropes and master figures to help writers generate postings.

Nacent Genres
A list of types with some initial comments on characteristics

personal blog / professional blog


study blog (aks diss blog)

group blog

journalistic / news blog

That is, a blog being used for news reporting

commercial / promotion / marketing blog

project blog

Blogs set up to re-create a blog like project
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