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Cinematic Experience--Then and Now

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In my project I will be writing about and comparing/contrasting different aspects of various films from before and after the year 1990 in order to inform and expand the knowledge base surrounding how cinematic techniques and strategies in all aspects have evolved alongside technology and other developments in the field. My posts will likely be slightly opinionated, but I will seek mostly to analyze the technical, cinematic, and craft-based aspects (screenwriting, editing, special-effects, sound, etc.) of the field in an unbiased manner, however I believe a blog where I am able to post reviews and opinions will still be the most effective platform for this project.

Film is a field in which I have a lot of interest, and in which I have a great deal of experience on a casual level, but I am interested in broadening my knowledge base and expanding into the more technical and specific aspects of film/cinema. One of the aspects of the field that fascinates me most is how the industry and commonly used techniques employed in it have changed alongside technological advances. These changes are particularly prevalent in making feature length motion pictures. I have a good understanding of most of the major changes and how they are implemented, and I hope through this project to be informative to those who may not grasp how technological changes have played into advancements in all areas of the field, whether it be writing, directing, camerawork, or even acting.

Much of my project will be information based and focus on technical elements of the films of being analyzed, but my opinion will play part in some major aspects being investigated in these films, and it is for this reason I think a blog is the best way to convey this project. I will include a comments section so that readers can share their opinions, but the vast majority of the information used will be based upon my thoughts and ideas in combination with research and analysis.The most important aspect of this project will be the overall content of the posts. I intend to cover a very broad range of material ranging from how cinematography has changed to how genres themselves have developed and changed in response to new technology being available. I will choose films of the same genre and ideally sub-genre ("Teen Scream" Horror, Crime Drama, Slapstick Comedy etc.), and compare the film from pre-1990 to the film from post-1990. I will ensure that the films have at least a marginal gap between the years they were made, likely no less than 10 years to ensure that enough advances were made and the techniques used will be different enough to analyze thoroughly. I will cover a large range of genres to ensure variety and rich content throughout the project, and the blog will be organized on a genre to genre basis, with posts being placed in their respective genres to ensure there is no confusion about the type of film being discussed.

Movie "reviews" based on marginally on my opinion of the respective film will inevitably be a part of my project, but I will attempt to avoid simply reviewing and comparing films on a personal preference or aesthetic level, and try to analyze exactly what made a film what it was in comparison to the film of the same genre it is being compared to on a technical level. This blog should give its readers a new insight to how movie making/viewing has developed and what many of the commonly used techniques have been and are today. This will hopefully help expand the cinematic awareness of readers and help them understand exactly what makes great movies great in their respective genres.

My final report will be published on my class blog ( The report will consist of my experience in conducting the project and maintaining the blog associated with it, as well as the potential interactions I have with readers and how they influenced the project. I will also post an overview of what I personally learned most about and enjoyed most, and discuss the possibility of continuing the blog in the future.

Weekly Reports:
Weekly reports will be posted on my blog associated with Weblogs & Wikis:
Project posts will be posted to the blog I have set up specifically for this project:

Contract for Grade:
I will be contracting for 250 points. To fulfill the requirements for this I will be posting two coinciding and comparative movie reviews each week, as well as a third weekly post summarizing the comparison and detailing the basics surrounding the respective genre as a whole in addition to the elements covered and compared/contrasted that week. These review will go into depth about the aspects of the film I am investigating and analyzing, and the main posts will be in upwards of 800 words each, with the third summary post likely being closer to 400-500 words.
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