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===Oh Snap! An Introduction===
Hi. I'm Becky. I'm in my fifth year of college, majoring in marketing communications. My [[ChrisSpieker boyfriend]] is a pretty nifty guy. I hate writing little bio-y things about myself. Twinkle twinkle little star.


===So Just What Am I Still Doing On Campus?===
- finishing up a few writing credits
- member/vice president of Varsity Singers
- social chair of Pine Hall Council
- tutor in [[ Writing Resource Center]]
- also working at Cold Stone

===Hobbies I Hardly Have Time For===
- making hemp jewelry
- knitting
- doodling creepy things
- playing video games (PS2, Game Boy)
- throwing a 20-sided die around
- random internet geekery


===The Important Links===
- [[milliebmro@gmail.comSPAMISEVIL email]]
- [[ blog]]

===Class Stuff===
- [[ProjectProposalBeckyMrozinski Project Proposal]]
- [[MidTermReflectionBeckyMrozinski Midterm Reflection]]
- [[StudioTourMrozinski Studio Tour]]
- [[FinalReportBeckyMrozinski Final Report]]

===The Links No One Will Read===
- [[ BMEzine]]
- [[ Boy on a Stick and Slither]]
- [[ Eejits]]
- [[ Knitty]]
- [[ Little Gamers]]
- [[ MPR: The Current]]
- [[ Stuff on My Cat]]
- [[ Toothpaste For Dinner]]
- [[ White Ninja]]
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