Meatball:MeatballWiki is built on the concept of BarnRaising. They also say that BarnRaising events are rare. I began to wonder if what we are doing with the WritingTheWikiProject is indeed of BarnRaising proportions.

Consider this:
Apparently, historical BarnRaising had become rare by the end of the nineteenth century. But a new kind of BarnRaising is now here. And guess what everyone? I think we're part of it. Exciting, isn't it?


BarnRaising is also connected with identity. In the old, actual barn raisings, there was a distinct community identity -- the group as a whole, approaching the task as a, well...MeldedIdentity.

But the tasks were individual, however corporal. The entire community didn't literally swing a hammer together -- there were individuals doing individual tasks. Individual gifts or abilities were taken into account; there were various roles (overseers, planners, do-ers...)

But the point where the individuality became unimportant was giving credit where credit was due. It wasn't really a matter of, "Yes, I built this barn." It became the we then. And if someone went back to visit the barn the community raised, he or she could probably see the spot that she hammered or the flooring that he laid, but no individual credit was expected or given. The "me" tasks were lost (in a good way) to the "we." LindsayLarson

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Example of CrowdSourcing
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