The Audience As Collective

Most wikis are able to be accessed publicly. So we can see the audience of our wikis as the collective whole of the internet. Since they can be modified by anybody we can also see the AudienceAsCollaborator because they can help form and sometimes better phrase what is being said in the wiki. The internet is a seemingly wild west type of thing where there is no true privacy and everyone has access to everything (except in some countries where the content of the internet is heavily censored). Anyone can say anything on a wiki but most people who read them will not. However like it says in TheAudienceIsUs, "Mainly the audience is from within the WikiCommunity". People from within the community joined for a reason so they most likely would modify information and hopefully it would be correct. So we can also see the audience as the collective wiki community. Teachers always said Wikipedia is an unreliable source because anyone can modify it. But why would someone wake up and decide to change the information on the elevation of a small town in Wyoming? They usually wouldn't. Even if they did, it would quickly get fixed because of the surrounding community.
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