Project Title: Do Pinterest Ideas Work

WordPress URL: [[ That Pinterests Me]

By using to generate a Success/Failure blog of Pinterest Ideas, the project will aim at generating followers on both the blog and The project will show how easy or difficult it can be do gain followers and generate conversation across two different mediums, blogs and pinterest.

This project will use as a way to create two posts per week on projects that can be found on These projects will be found by searching Pinterest for DIY (Do It Yourself Projects). Each project picked will be attempted and their success will be recorded on the blog, "That Pinterests Me". The blog will have samples of videos and photos that will help document the projects processes and whether they work or are a fail. The project will aim on gaining followers and seeing if you can generate conversation amongst both sites.

The project will start by picking two projects per week to work on. Their process will be reported to the blog and then will be posted on Pinterest with a link back to the Blogs site. At the end of the project, not only will the amount of followers on both sites be calculated and their will be an overview of the types of conversations and comments that were left on both sites but there will be a vast source of successful and failed "Pinterest Projects" that followers and visitors can draw from.

The aim of this project is to serve as a blog "Pinners" can resource before attempting a DIY project on as well as to see if the posts can aggregate conversation amongst fellow bloggers and pinners.

Blogging is the best medium for this project because of its choice of layouts and its viewership base.

Contracted Grade
The contracted aim for this project is a B.

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