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=====I suggest a new strategy. Let the Wiki win.=====

====**The Party to Whom You're Speaking**====
My name is Andrew Browers. I graduated from BSU in 2006 with a BFA in Creative and Professional Writing and a minor in Theatre. This essentially means I will never have a job. Ever.

For more about me, you can read my private thoughts, which I publish on the Internet.
[[ Two Wrongs Don't Make a Writer]]

====What's He Doing Now?====
I'm a graduate student here at Bemidji State University. When I'm not busy, I'm //really// busy. And when I'm not //really// busy, I write and act.
- ++working monologues++
-++recovering from audition++
-++hitting the gym to prepare for role in "Urinetown"++

====What's He Doing Next?====
- ++Auditioning for the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre on February 17++
- Celebrating/++lamenting++ victory/++defeat++
- ++Rehearsing for University Theatre Spring production "Urinetown"++
- Rehearsing for student production "The Boys Next Door"

====My Favorite Foods====
- mushrooms
- pineapple
- seafood
- peppermint bonbon ice cream
- sushi

====My Favorite Links====
- [[]]
- [[ Mailbox]]
- [[ Mythica]]

====My Pages====
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