As you can see, I am incredibly creative

I am Yami, a 23 year old student at Bemidji State University majoring in Creative and Professional Writing with minors in Biology, Psychology and English. I will be graduating this May 2013 after a terribly long five years.

My writing interests are mainly fantasy and sci-fi. I have been writing and ammending the same story since I was twelve years old... Hopefully once I graduate I can... finish it? My nickname comes from my main character "Yami Starboon" for those that are curious. My real name has no merit, but I plan on writing under "Yami S.R. Blanford" because my mother cries over my lost first name that only she seems to enjoy.

I am a video game fanatic, my favorite game being Mass Effect 2. I am an anime and manga enjoyer and also a cosplayer. I attend Anime Detour every year since 2008. I like to take a stab at digital art here and there, and outside of my "creativeness" I've got very little hobbies. Besides cats. Cats are awesome. Mine is better than yours. I mean that sincerely.

The Class

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