WCW Syllabus Spring 2013

Tues 15

for Tues 22 Jan

Thurs 17 Jan

Tues 22 Jan

First writing project: personas

Thurs 24 Jan

for Tues 29 Jan

Tues 29 Jan

Thurs 31 Jan

Tues 5 Feb

Thurs 7 Feb

update 6 Feb 9:30 pm

Work day.

Prof Morgan is ill. Face to face class cancelled. Continue working on drafts. I'll comment if possible. Try logging into TIO. Check this page again about class time on Thursday.

12 Feb

update - 12:34

I'm still snowed in. I have commented on drafts that were posted by this morning so you can continue drafting. I won't be in, but you are, so you can use the time drafting, helping each other out, and getting ready for Thursday.

I'll monitor my email (mmorgan@bemidjistate.edu) and Twitter (@mcmorgan, hash tag #en4169) from 12:00 - 1:15 if you have questions.

Editing fix: Upped privs to writers to Publisher. Can post, save, etc from the front-end w/o further permission.

If you haven't posted a draft to the wiki, please post it to either the wiki or to TIO do so we can both look at it.

What Needs To Be Done

Thur 14 Feb

Tues 19 Feb

Thurs 21 Feb


for Tues, read chaps 5 and 6.

Tues 5 Mar

Thurs 7 Mar

Tues 19 Mar

Thurs 21 Mar

for Tues, read Price. Chap 7: Links

Tues 26 Mar

21 Mar: ready

Thurs 28 Mar

Tues 2 April

Thurs 4 April

Update: 9:00 am

Prof Morgan is ill. Face to face meeting of the class is cancelled until Tuesday. But please take the time to review some of the ideas below to develop an article that makes interesting use of links. Comb Price, chap 7 - and especially chaps 11 - 15: Genres for ideas. Comb the web for ideas.

- Proposal on the wiki by Tuesday, Friday, 5 April.
I'll check for proposals on the wiki Thursday and Friday and will respond.

Tues 9 April

Heavy Linking

Thurs 11 April

Tues 16 April

Tues 23 April

What I'm seeing in drafts
The links seem to be providing exposition to the main ideas rather than spelling them out as we typically do. The semantic/semiotic connection between where the link leaves and where it ends up is suggested rather than stated. That means that the leaving point of the link has to somehow direct how the connection is interpreted. (Linking shows just how much we do interpret the connections and how much work we do for readers.)

You can see how this juxtapositoning works to create and re-create meaning in Anna's disney princess, second para, with placement of doll next to text describing dinner at the Green Mill (pink - green - duh!). It's that kind of richness I think we can achieve through linking to other material outside the essay: the idea is placing elements/artifacts that must? can? be interpreted in contrast to the main essay. (That runs against we typically use links.) See Anna's links to Mulan, et al.
Suggest: open links in the same window.

The stress point is in how to get a suggestion of the direction to take things in the link text or surrounding text. Another might be in locating a source that works, throws the focus on the source you want the focus to take: eg, the Disney Site v the text of Grimm's version of Rapunzel.

Might try suggesting where the reference is going by quoting a bit from the target. by alluding to where the link is going. by adding an in-line image. by calling out the link in a list or some other way ...

Tue 30 April


Heavy Linking Ideas

Most of these links point to materials on hypertext essays - essays made of chunks that link internally. I'm asking more for a single text that links out. However, there are starting points in these materials.


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