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My all-time favorite quote about hypertext is attributed to the late Yuri Rubinsky:"The trouble with hypertext, is that it always takes you somewhere relevant."

Write a hypertextual document in which you critique and build on the ideas on Web Content Writing that we considered in this course. Find a theme and work with it. Link internally or externally or both. May include images. You may include (link to) notes and other material you wrote for this course. Draw on and use materials we read for this course, or other material you can use you develop your ideas.

Undergrads: 1000 - 1500 words
Grads: 2000 - 3000 words

Due Tue 2 May 2018

Two paragraphs from the WCWStatement

Web content writing as it is typically taught has become industrial - formulaic, hobbled by commercial aims and returns, and shaped as mass communication to mass audiences. The industry watchword is Don'tMakeMeThink. The one-to-many stylistic conventions of writing of Clarity, Brevity, and Sincerity have been imported unthinkingly. As a result, the web has not moved much. Hypertext is not being used to address the potential it has.

But web content writing does not need to follow mass communication models of writing of one-to-many. The web is a publishing platform that can stand outside of mass comm interests as a many-to-many network. It can be a one-to-one medium, where writers (professionals, amateurs, others) can address readers individually, and where writers can take alternative approaches to their work, think of audiences in alternative ways, employ the affordances of web writing in ways that challenge both themselves and readers.

Stuff we might have looked at but didn't.

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