Setting up a WikiName page

From the HomePage, go to your WikiName page.

Design this page, including
Use level 2 and 3 headings and lists to create a organized - page. Refer to the GettingStarted. FormattingRules goes into more detail.

Images: You can embed images in the page by adding the raw url to the image. See GettingStarted for the code, or click the image of the tree in the editing bar, or grab it from a page that uses an image. Please use images you have rights to, and/or provide a link to the source.

Adding Pages
You can add pages that become part of this wiki. To do so, go to an appropriate page and use a WikiWord to create the new page. Usually, the page title sets the topic of writing for the page. But pages must have unique titles. So, if you start pages for your own use on the wiki, use your WikiName name or your initials as part of the title. Like this:

If a page already exists, you'll know it as soon as you save.

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