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Reading the Screen and the Book, Notes


lots of white space
large font size
text appearance synched to music rhythm
adult themes
have to be fast to catch all the words, music helps
sound helps with remembering text, could also be distracting

variety of transitions between text
- speed
- flashes
- changing letters to make different words
- one word at a time, multiple words, or sometimes just ellipses

- hard to catch all the info due to speed, catching fragments
- music can help but also distract
- catching new things with each subsequent viewing
- two points of attention = the beat and the words
- forced to pay attention due to speed, bring about intense feelings, adrenaline, lack of control
- there's a lot going on, frustrating, anxiety
- unique format that denies you the whole story due to speed, hard to keep up
- pace adds to the story, cannot be done in plain unmoving text, no frenzy then
- no time to think, just read, lack of focus and sense

Krug's "don't make me think" message

role as viewer
- user, reader, spectator?
- I think we're more of a spectator and reader, not really using it
- designer is in complete control
- rhythm creates a voice, puts us in the role of a listener almost, like a performance
- countdown at start lets you know something is going to happen, intense explosion, prepares you, like a shuttle takeoff
- requires more focus, longer attention span, high retention, different format from reading a book
- no stopping and reflecting, pausing vid isn't the same, cannot go back
- attention being split between drumming and words, speed shifts attention

mindset, value, interest
- intense, anxiety, lots of adrenaline
- puts you in a frenzy, trying to grab all the info to understand what's happening
- don't want to miss anything, attention and anxiety, no time to stop and think
- hard to understand or comprehend, maybe not the point?
- this format was chosen for a reason, one continuous piece of art, telling you how to read it
- go with it, don't try to figure it out, reshaping how to comprehend it
- supposed to miss things, mysterious even if you can crack the code

originally released in Flash format, could not stop it
rereleased in another format due to memory-hog issues

- content seems a bit different
- text not written out online anywhere obvious, grad student did write it out once
- font is big, bold, and black
- the "o" actually resembles a "0", slash through it, could be a "not" symbol too, eye-catching
- words are larger on screen if alone than if multiple words are present
- 60s-70s jazz drumming, drummer is referenced
- poetic references, writing references

and by islands, I mean paragraphs

I added a new page called ReadingTheWhiteSpace. I'm inviting everyone in the class to add something to it if they want to. If this wiki word doesn't bring you to the page, you can find it on my name page. - BonnieRobinson.
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