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Reading the White Space in "|and by Islands I mean Paragraphs" by J.R. Carpenter and [[
DAKOTA by Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries
What do you make of the white space in these two literary works?

"And by Islands I Mean Paragraphs"

  • the vast amounts of white space slowed me down - pushing me into more contemplative reading
  • there was a lot more white space than islands, making me notice and consider the role/value of the white space
  • white space is sometimes called negative space - so what would that mean here?
  • the white space is uncharted - or unmarked. There are no trails to follow.
  • why is it white? why not blue?


  • the contrast of black on white
  • the white is background for the action
  • the white is cinematic screen
  • the white is not distracting, or is it?
  • the white allows my mind to create the images and visuals
  • sometimes there is a lot of white, sometimes there is less

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