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===== Reading the Screen and the Book =====

====for 22 Mar====
Two digital texts to complicate reading
- [[ | DAKOTA]] [[| Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES]] Sound, adult language.
- [[| ...and by islands I mean paragraphs]], J. R. Carpenter.

Take your time. Relax. Read (whatever that means here) and re-read.

=== Some questions to consider in the (required) notes===
- What is your role as a reader in each text? What are you cast by the writing as //doing//, //able to do//, // expected to do//, //come away with from the reading//?
- Who are you cast as as a reading public - that is, What kind of mindset, values, interests, ATTENTION does the text expect of you as part of the //the general public who reads//?
- Technology! What's it mean in this case?
- Comprehension! What does it mean to //understand// or //comprehend// this particular text? To //get// what it's //presenting?//
- D0es it mAke you thinK?

==== for 29 Mar ====
- [[ | Diagrammatic Writing]], Drucker. PDF. Best read as printed PDF or full-screen in 2-page spread.
- Marshall, [[ | "Reading"]] PDF. From //Reading and Writing the Electronic Book//, Morgan& Claypool, Pubs, 2010.

Both of these address many of the assertions about reading Krug and others make about reading and reading on screen.

Your notes might address
- what the readings complicate about Krug's sense of reading
- the effectiveness of the the argument in each - Drucker's visual argument and Marshall's scholarly argument - to the extent that those arguments can be isolated from their material presentation.
- what the readings complicate about the practice of web content design and presentation.
- what the articles mean in practice. How might what they argue be taken into web content writing and design?

Special bonus reading
- [[ | Better than the Printed Page: Reading on an iPad]]. Tweaking the settings on an iPad for readability, based on reading research.

I, BonnieRobinson, am adding the following material.
As a class we participated in ReadingInTheFuture, and after this week's assignment, ReadingTheScreenAndTheBook, I started the page FutureOfReading. Feel free to contribute!
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