Computer Lib/Dream Machines - Nelson

Hypertext Gardens - Bernstein

Literary Machines - Nelson

"Now that we have all these wonderful de­vices, it should be the goal of society to put them in the service of truth and learning. And this is the way I propose. Not through obscure forms of "information retrieval;" not through newly oppressive forms of "computer- assisted instruction;" and not through a pur­ported science of "artifical intelligence" that will create new personalisms to irk us. All these obstructive oddities, I think, have developed as separate ideals because of the grand preposterosity of Professionalism that has created a world-wide cult of mutual incom­prehensibility and disconnected special goals. Now we need to get everybody together again. We want to go back to the roots of our civil­ization--the ability, which we once had, for everybody who could read to be able to read everything. We must once again become a com­munity of common access to a shared heritage."

The New Media Sphere - Vandendorpe

""Printing tended to magnify the distance between the author and the reader, as the author became a monumental figure, the reader only a visitor in the author's cathedral"
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