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Reading Hypertext

Hypertext Gardens

- I liked the path(s) that hypertext allow(s) you to take; sometimes there are many options and sometimes there is only one - I decided to follow the "Chasing Our Tales/Tails" path and enjoyed reading about books and how their perception has changed over the years -- from price to accessibility to weight to waste - By clicking certain hypertexts, I eventually returned to the page "elegies," which can be reached through the first page you see on "Chasing Our Tales/Tails," which is "Pernicious"
- When following the hypertext, I felt like I was chasing my own tail (which was of course Bernstein's intention)
- I found myself thinking that it was easier to follow the hypertext when there was only one path for me to take, besides going backwards; when there were multiple hypertexts on a page, I struggled with which one to choose - I like that Bernstein provides a combination of information that, at first glance, doesn't seem to be about hypertext as well as information about the evolution of hypertext itself - Overall, I enjoyed the various paths that Bernstein led me on

Reading on the Screen

Computer Lib / Dream Machines

- Nelson provides a helpful definition of hypertext on p. 314
- I am intrigued by Stretchtext; I was slightly confused by the idea of throttles at first, but the idea sounds very interesting overall
- I liked Nelson's visual representations of thinkertoys -- they certainly helped me understand his idea better
- Overall, I appreciate how inventive Nelson's dream machines are

Literary Machines

- Again, I appreciate Nelson's drawings
- What if "everything," as Nelson wishes, was hypertext? It's an interesting world to think about -- what if all of the information we could possibly need was literally at our fingertips all of the time? What does this mean for us, as scholars and researchers?
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