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===== Readings on Hypertext =====
While sequential text is the outcome of the codex, non-sequential text is the digital native of the screen. Node and links.

Most of what we encounter as hypertext on the commercial web are print-established genre that have been re-tooled with hyper-textual elements: the news story with embedded links, the article with embedded links, the blog post (adapted from a cross between journal entry and occasional essay) with embedded links, the seed catalog - with embedded links. Writing advice addresses where to place links, how to word them, what to link to - most with the central purpose of consumption of text.

Rarely do we encounter a work that is node-and-link construction, and little has been done with how to work with reading sequences, node content, internal navigation, genres, reading.

This last unit of discussion is about web-based hypertext: reading the digital born(e).

Notes: You know the routine by now.

=== for++ Apr 5++ Apr 12 ===
- [[ Hypertext Gardens]]. Bernstein.
- [[ | Reading on the Screen]], Vandendorpe
- [[ | from Computer Lib / Dream Machines]]. Nelson. PDF. Skim this (use search) for what Nelson says about hypertext, stretch text, thinkertoys.
- from [[ | Literary Machines]]. PDF.

=== for Apr 19 ===
All read:

- [[;rgn=div1;view=fulltext;xc=1#2.3 | The Hyperlink as Organizing Principle]]. Halavais.

Select one from below. Each offers a different take on hypertext. Take notes, and be ready to present what you find interesting and what connects to web content writing.

- [[ | A Large Argumentative Hypertext]]. Kolb. "Large, argumentative "single-author hypertexts that link to themselves" (Carter 2000, 86) pose compositional problems different from informational hypertexts and web sites one consults to gather bits of information. The issues of linking and of author/reader balance are similar to those in more literary hypertext, but have their own twists."
- [[ | The Knotted Line]]. A hypertext designed for education.
- [[ | Blog Architechure]]. A stretchtext.
- [[ | The Jew's Daughter]]. "... an interactive, non-linear, multi-valent narrative, a storyspace that is unstable but nonetheless remains organically intact, progressively weaving itself together by way of subtle transformations on a single virtual page."
- [[ | These Waves of Girls]]
- [[ | Radio Salience]]. Audio.

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