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Readings on Hypertext

While sequential text is the outcome of the codex, non-sequential text is the digital native of the screen. Node and links.

Most of what we encounter as hypertext on the commercial web are print-established genre that have been re-tooled with hyper-textual elements: the news story with embedded links, the article with embedded links, the blog post (adapted from a cross between journal entry and occasional essay) with embedded links, the seed catalog - with embedded links. Writing advice addresses where to place links, how to word them, what to link to - most with the central purpose of consumption of text.

Rarely do we encounter a work that is node-and-link construction, and little has been done with how to work with reading sequences, node content, internal navigation, genres, reading.

This last unit of discussion is about web-based hypertext: reading the digital born(e).

Notes: You know the routine by now.

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