Diagrammatic Writing

- it was extremely interesting to read typed words about typing words and to push my brain to notice things about the typing that I wouldn't normally pay much attention to, like the justification
- I was curious about the errors and wondered if they were intentional, since the piece was so text-centered -- for example, "vctor" and "nmber" on the fourth paragraph of the page 4, or "in an move" on page 15, or "entangelement" on page 16, embedment vs. embeddedment, argumenet on page 16... the list goes on and on - I found myself getting a bit irritated with the intense focus of the piece at first, but I slowly became used to it and more curious about the message
- I appreciated that the different formatting on each page kept challenging me -- I had to pay attention in a different and new way, which is what Krug doesn't want us to have to do
- I completely agreed with the part about subordinate text performing as an "other voice" -- ever since I began reading magazines or books with footnotes or other subordinate text, I would automatically read it in another voice (different from the voice reading the primary text) in my head
- my role as a reader is to think more deeply about the texts I read and what the type can mean; to observe more details about typeface and how it helps me interpret a text; to think more about why I choose the formatting I choose
- for the reading public, this piece was created to educate and challenge readers in a completely new way
- things started to get exciting on page 17, when different sentences were presented on alternating lines with some text in italics -- I tried and failed to read both lines continuously, at first -- the pull quotes were also very distracting
- as I kept reading, I felt my brain begin to get somewhat accustomed to the unique formatting and begin to find the sections of text that fit with each other
- I like how it included an appendix with definitions and attributes -- this further cemented what I had learned throughout the whole reading
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