Publishing Workflow

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[Being depreciated. ]

Submitting a proposal

Submit an article proposal using the ProposalTemplate. Create a new wiki page for each article proposal.

Then a proposal is ready to look at, let me know about it face to face or via email. We'll look it over together and possibly revise and refine it.

When the proposal is ready, I'll post a comment on the page, and will make an entry on the blackboard.


Notes on drafting

While copy can be written in the Joomla editor, compose early drafts in a markdown editor or on the wiki. Do not use MS Word.

When you have a draft ready

Let me know so we can look at the draft face to face or online.

Moving and Formatting

Use the Description field in the editor for notes and questions.

By default, you are able to edit almost any article. We encourage helping each other out, but please edit only those drafts you have been invited to edit. If you do edit someone else's draft, make a note of it in the Description field.

The Publishing Menu

Jobs: Editor's space

Jobs to be assigned. A pool of articles. article content would be a detailed description of the job. when assigned, the writers's names are added and it's recategorized as assigned.
Jobs assigned. with name of who's working on it. the draft should appear in Drafts in Progress.
Proposals: Writer's space

Proposals from writers submitted to the editor and waiting to be approved. Article content is a description of job. Use a template. When approved, teacher/editor re-categorizes as approved.
Proposals approved. Once a proposal appears here, the writer can start drafting.
[Still in progress: When an article from a proposal is finished, make a final set of notes on how the project went and then move the proposal to the archive.]
Drafts: Writer's space

Drafts in progress. While in draft, publish the article here. When it's ready for editing, move it to Submissions to be edited.
Submissions: Writer's and Editor's space

Submissions to be edited. When a draft is ready for an editor to look at, place it here. The editor will respond with notes. If the article needs re-working rather than editing, the editor will move it back to Drafts. Otherwise, the article stays in this category while the writer edits. When the article is approved, the editor will re-categorize it as Submissions to be published, or publish it in the appropriate section and category.
Submissions to be published. If an article is here, it's waiting for a section and/or category to publish to. We need the holding tank of Submission to be published to prepare category space for the finished draft.
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