A week without Facebook

Go a week without logging into Facebook. Disable any alerts that are sent to your phone (SMS, smartphone apps, etc) so as not to be tempted. Also, you may want to disable email notifications. Having these phone and email updates during the experiment may cause you to slip up and log in out of habit. Come to think of it, as an added challenge, maybe leave all of these notifications active -- test your will.

After the week is up, write a reflection on the experience. Was it easier or harder than you expected? Do you think about the site differently now? How soon after the week was up did you log back in, and how long was your Facebook reunion session? This can really go in a lot of different ways, depending on the experience you have.

This article would fit well in the "New Media" section in TIO.

Almost everyone who reads this article will be able to connect with it, since most people reading it either have a Facebook or have had one in the past. I picture it being written in the first person, which will also help to connect it with the reader. This will "link" to that little piece of everybody's brain which tells them that perhaps their Facebook addiction is unhealthy, or at least not the best way to spend an hour in the library.

Lakeside food court review

Write a review of a certain food option at the lakeside food court, as well as the area (decor, comfort, etc) where you sit and eat. This can be satirical or it can be a straight-forward, honest review. The goal either way would be to go into the situation with fresh eyes, or at least to write it as if you'd never been to the food court before. This could lend itself to a satire piece pretty easily.

Read some restaurant reviews written by professionals (NYTimes, Strib, etc) to get an idea of the style.

This would go into the "Reviews" section of TIO.

The audience would be BSU students who already know the food court well. They would read this either knowing that it is intentionally satirical, or they would (maybe) take it as an honest review of the main BSU dining option.
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