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Phil Writing About Phil

BDAN Description
"Bemidji Day And Night is a place to discover and learn about various Bemidji bars and coffeehouses. It offers information provided by BSU students on all of Bemidji's top venues and gives readers with detailed maps, events, and specialty items. Links to the bars and coffeehouses are available."

"Student designed website engineered to help locals and tourists to Bemidji Minnesota select the best bar or coffee house for them. It offers information on all of Bemidji's top venues and gives readers with detailed maps, events, and specialty items. Links to the bars and coffeehouses are available."

Forget what you don't know

There are only a few things that you really need to learn about someone. Everything else you can figure out just by looking at them. The medium of writing screws everything up. Where there should be a picture of me, there is a paragraph. Where there should be a sound clip of my voice, there is a description.

I guess the old adage of, "A picture is worth one thousand words," is reversed when it comes to writing. People trying to write a picture into someone's head.

I am not even going to try.

Cliff Notes


Favorite Bands
Favorite foods
Favorite Activities
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Chapter 5 Exercise
This site not only shows the steps towards getting a car loan, but that is the biggest item on the homepage. I think that this site would be better if you could click on the three different steps and be brought to three different pages, as opposed to the same page. Gmail's homepage makes it easy to either set up and account, open account, or find more information about Gmail. Everything is clear and organized. I don't really like the "Latest News from Gmail" section of the website. I think that should be placed on a destination page or somewhere else. I think that by doing this, the webpage would look more clean. This site is perfect for any level of consumer. The site asks you not only what level of consumer you are, but also which part of the world you are from. The homepage gives a person two different opportunities at choosing where they fall. I don't really like the scroll box inside the pages scroll wheel, (this usually messes me up.) Maybe less pictures as well. If they made their homepage smaller, I think people would be able to get to their destination quicker. This site not only gives a person a quick reference to their possible questions, but also gives them the opportunity to sign up for Netflix on the same page. The only major flaw that I see in this site is the text color for the questions. I think that a simple switch to black font would make this page better. I think that this is a good example of an FAQ page. The page is titled FAQ and all of the questions a fan might have are clearly labeled and under the appropriate category. The page, however, is long and it might serve a better function if the text was arranged in a column format.
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