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- Having writing on a screen allowed writers to easily correct and format the text.
- Documents online could be accessed anywhere so everyone had access to it.
- Scanning became a popular reading style; there are many reading styles, this shows that there are more than one way that readers understand things.
- The longer the columns of text are, the easier it is to read.
- The codex in books allowed people to compare and understand the reading easier than the online screen does, because an online screen allows only one page up at a time. I disagree with this concept because you can have more than one tab set up on a computer screen.
- The scrollbar gives reader little control of how they read the text because when they move it up or down they might lose the place that they had last read.
- A PDF on the screen allows more control with the reader's understanding. ex. highlighting, comparing the reading.
- Hypertext gives readers a lightness feeling because by being able to jump to different texts they don't feel weighed down by one reading.
- White margins give shape to the text and don't strain the reader's eyes as much.
- More readers now have an expectation to read online reading than a physical text.

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-Writing evolved from a simple style to a more complex style (like hypertext).
- scroll and codex is similar to online texts and hyperlinks; makes texts easier to read/allowed people to read more information quicker.
- "extensive reading" became popular when books came out. It allowed people to read certain passsages and I think that is similar to hyperlinks because they can choose to read it and learn more information about a topic briefly described in the original text.
The site refused to connect and said that I couldn't connect with it. I tried googling the site but it's temporarily unavailable and under maintenance.

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The seven lessons from "gardening":
The seven lessons from "gardening":

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