April 5th: Readings on Hypertext

Hypertext Gardens by Bernstein

The seven lessons from "gardening":
  1. Hypertext disorientation is from muddled writing/complexity of a subject. Keep it simple.
  2. Rigid structure can distort a hypertext's voice if it's always pushing readers away from the key pages.
  3. Shortest path isn't always the best.
  4. Hypertexts should be interesting and exciting yet confined.
  5. Irregularities in punctuation enhance the hypertext pathways.
  6. Gateway structures should be clear. This helps assure readers they are at the right spot.
  7. Rigid structure= large hypertext seems smaller. Complex structure= small hypertext seem larger.
When I was reading this I didn't think there was great navigation hints because I never knew if I was clicking on a hypertext link that I already clicked on or not until I got to the page. Though, I did like at the conclusion hypertext page that it showed me all of the pages within the site so that I could see if I read all of it.

Reading On The Screen by Vandendorpe

The site refused to connect and said that I couldn't connect with it. I tried googling the site but it's temporarily unavailable and under maintenance.

Computer Lib / Dream Machines by Nelson

Literary Machines by Nelson

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