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-complexity is better than simplicity because it's easier for judgement because readers will have more information.
-I like that after clicking on the hypertext again after you click on it it brings you back to the homepage so readers won't get lost and not be able to get back to the original page.
- People think that hypertext has to be organized and formatted in order, but this author is saying that that is not the case.
what connects to web content writing.
-I didn't like that some of the hypertexts led me to other sites instead of having it all on the website (like a wiki format). I also didn't like the other sites because they didn't work which shows that the author hasn't updated it lately.
- I like that hypertext usually gives readers more information about something that is just mentioned in a writing. This concept reminds me of shopping online, like getting clothes and seeing a certain brand/shirt and clicking on the text to see more information about the product like what it's made out of, sizes and availability to buy.
- Hypertext provides an
- The pyramid outline is organized and makes it hard for the writer to plan.
- The author wonders if people are going to read their whole work but it's hard when it's not super organized and the content you read depends on what hypertext you pick, so I could miss some of his writing...they say this isn't a navigational problem on their part but a motivational problem with the readers.
- Hypertext are divided into different regions, but it's said that they rarely follow a pattern.
- I like that they set up this website where the left has some sort of navigation so that readers know if they are reading all of the main points of the work.
- Some of the hypertext doesn't tell readers what the new page they are about to go to is about.
- The writer was worried that people wouldn't want to read all of the text since it was so much and made the page longer. I think that with Web Content Writing we also have to worry about that because we want to be concise and get our word across so that users stay on our page.
- Within some of the pages, the writer put in a drop down design which is similar to what I would do for web content writing in terms of hierarchies.
- It was very long and lost my attention after the first 50 hypertexts that I clicked. I think this wouldn't be successful as a web page because users want to find information quickly instead of rummaging around a site for hours.
what connects to web content writing

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[[ | A Large Argumentative Hypertext]]
[[ | The Knotted Line by Bissell]]

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- A hyperlinked encyclopedia was seen as moving humans to be a thinking super organism; new form of global self-governance because anyone can update information from anywhere.
- "Hyperlinks form the basis for this learning, adaptive, self-aware social system." I like this quote because it shows that these things can change and that it allows people to connect and communicate on the web.
The Changing Nature of The Link
-Hyperlinks contain more semantic value and used more often than citation. I agree with this, I tend to click more on hyperlinks within the text because it's right there when I'm reading instead of the citation.
- Hyperlinks have social and navigational functions and are more used because of user-created media. Why?
- It is interesting that the start of a car was linked to a hyperlink.. so does that mean that the home page or other pages of a website are also considered hyperlinks?
[[ | The Knotted Line by Bissell]]

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- It's easy to see who links to who.
- Some people might adjust what they write about/how they write in order to get more search results (hyperlinks). I think it's interesting that some writers shift what they write about in order to get more traffic.

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- hyperlinks allow authors to build on others' work.
- Ted Nelson coined the terms hyperlink and hypertext.
- allows to jump to other texts.
- servers usually create hyperlinks
Hyperlink Networks
-I was surprised that Tokyo was isolated in terms of networking with other places via hyperlink.

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Hyperlinks as Citations
-hyperlinks are citations, but also persuasive references that the author is setting up for their readers.
what connects to web content writing

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