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*When writing for the web sentences containing more than 10-20 words will not hold your reader's attention
*If you write less than you traditionally would then your works will be easier to scan (notice how these longer sentences aren't holding your attention)
*Your reader will thank you for being concise
*Simple Sentences are good sentences
*Bullet lists can make your work more readable
*Don't use words unnecessarily
*There is only useful as an antonym of here

Lynch and Horton

*Ideal reading is in a column
*thin columns fast reading
*4 factors determine web page length
*page and screen size relation
*content of the documents on the page
*Whether the information is meant to be printed/downloaded or read online
*audience's bandwith
*long pages can cause problems
*scrolling is disorienting
*scrolling causes reader's to forget whats off the screen
*they have advantages too such as
*less links
*users download less for more info
*more like structure of papers
*short pages favor
*large graphics
*pages read online
*homepages or navigation pages
*graphics can attract attention
*if they are over the top downloading time will take longer
*long downloads may lose readers
*web pages should be efficient
*title must be at the top
*only whats visible upon first look is what will capture the reader!


*reading on computers 25% slower
*when you finish writing a web page, go back to see what you can cut
*cut and cut again
*the meaning is important, not embellishment

Norman Group

*diet selection: what users will read
*cost/benefit ration is what matters
*a long article might contain a lot of information, but users might abandon it for shorter, easier articles
*cost=time it takes too read
*benefit=value or reading
*short articles should be around 600 words
*long articles should be around 1000 words
*articles in general should be 3-5 min
*takes about 1 min to find a new article
*cutting word count can make a short article greater
*start with overviews, then link to more in depth articles
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